We sell ABEL Black flat plate! 

ABEL Black stainless steel : Specification

ABEL Black is a coloring method which leaves "metallic texture" with "deep black" color on stainless steel.
ABEL Black flate plate is a deep black stainless steel flate plate.

Stainless steel loses metallic texture by painting or plating.
Coloring method of Abel Black is the only one technologyto color the stainless steel material leaving metallic texture.
The coloring method, is done by using electricity and chemicals to grow the oxide film lager causing interference of light to make the surface look deep black.

Since it is integrated with the base metal, no need to worry about peeling off even if it is processed (bending, cutting and punching).
It can be higher durability and weather resistance than original metal performance.



■Substrate material

■ Thickness


■Special Type                                  

1. Rough Crisscross Hairline
2. Fabric Cross
3. Bull's eye
4. Dragon's Scale 70 dia.
5. Overlap Cross
6. Overlap Cloud
7. Spin Line 20 dia.
8. 3D Spin Cylinder 35 dia.
9. Single Spin Chidori 13 dia.

■Standard Type

10. Mirror
11. Hairline
12. Vibration
13. Beads Shot

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