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Joint Development

Shall we make joint development of the new product capitalizing
on the Abel-black salient feature?

Let us give definite shape to your imagination.
Shall we challenge together to the manufacturing free from any stereotype to materialize new ideas aided by sharing mutual experience and expertise?

Shall we make joint development of the new product capitalizing on the Abel-black salient feature?Shall we make joint development of the new product capitalizing on the Abel-black salient feature?

The five values we can provide you

Attainment of the designs which designers entertain in minds by the adaption of pitch-black stainless.
Giving support to the new challenge by way of solving the design problems which have been hard to be materialized by plating and/ or coating.
Achievement of ideal that our partner companies cherish, aided by our accumulated experience and know-how as stainless material handling professional.
Providing black which fulfil the customer’s satisfaction of our partner companies.
Execution of unique development based upon our only one technology.

Our useful technology for you who provide value

  • New product value gained from the combination of different materials

    Solid casting with glass, resign, aluminum is available, which can add new value to the products to which coloring was not possible at later stage.

  • The manufacturing capitalizing on the film property that does not peel off when bent and wrung

    Since the surface film has been the material that does not break when plastic formation is made, it makes possible to produce new products with the collaboration of the companies that hold high technology of sequence transfer press and sheet metal processing.

  • The surface finishing becomes possible capitalizing on the salient feature of polishing technology

    Because the film thickness of Abel-black has been 1μm and below, so that the finishing capitalizing on the delicate polishing technology becomes possible.

  • Collaboration with the super fine coating technology

    Since the Abel-black film has been fine, it goes well with super fine coating. That is because, the world best surface finishing becomes possible by the collaboration with the coating having heat resistance and abrasion resistance.

  • Those possibility shall be materialized, because we are the stainless handling professionals

    In the hope of displaying the best black, feel free to call us to have our support about stainless in the selection of steel material as well as suggestion of processing methods.

  • Creation of only one product utilizing our only one technology

    With our collaboration of new product plan, design and accomplishment of them, we can create only one unique product that other companies may not produce.

Example of post-processing

  • Abel-black + etchingAbel-black + etching
  • Abel-black + laser markingAbel-black + laser marking