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ABEL Co., Ltd. (hereinafter called the “Company”) declares, herewith, to manage the personal information, to identify the customers, including name, company name, address, telephone number, and mail-address of our customers (hereinafter called “Personal Information”) that the Company has already obtained or is to obtain newly in the time to come from the customers, based upon the law regarding to the protection of personal information (hereinafter called “Personal Information Protection Law”) according to the policy described below.


1.Personal Information utilization purpose

The Company shall use the Personal Information exclusively to the following purposes. In case the Company must use the Personal Information other than below, the Company shall obtain the approvals from the concerned person in advance.

  • (1)Provision of commercial information regarding with the products and services (including new products) of the Company.
  • (2)Distribution of the survey for the purpose for policy discussion aiming to new product development or for the betterment of customer services.
  • (3)Execution of business activities, including product delivery, after service and reply to the customers enquiry.

2.The policy of Personal Information management

The Company keeps appropriately the Personal Information and shall not disclose any of the Personal Information to any third party except for the following cases.
Provided, however, the matters that the Personal Information Protection Law sets forth as exception.

  • (1)In case prior consent was given from the customer.
  • (2)In case the business will be consigned to the third party within the scope described above “1. Personal Information Utilization Purpose.”
    (However, in such case, the Company shall demand the strict management of the Personal Information Management and properly supervise their activity.)

3.The name of the entity to manage the Personal Information

ABEL Co., Ltd.

4.Safety and appropriate management of the Personal Information

The Company shall carry out the proper security management in order to prevent the illegal access, including leakage, loss, destruction, falsification of the Personal Information when to store and use the Personal Information.
The Company shall also try to keep the Personal Information correctly updated within the scope of execution to carry out above “1. The Personal Information Utilization Purpose.”

5.As for inquiry about the Personal Information which the Company retains

If you wish to give notice of disclosure, amendment, usage stop, deletion, or usage purpose about your Personal Information which the Company retains, please make inquiry of your desire to us.
The Company will answer properly according to the Company regulations.