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Abel-black of the Company has largely dealt stainless products and parts related to various industries by means of adding designing
Since our finishing treatment is available only for stainless, we wish to be your first and best partner company in regard with stainless black coloring products and parts.
Please do not hesitate to talk to us freely.

Order accepted examples of product design

  • Automobile window-mallAutomobile window-mall
  • Architectural-mallArchitectural-mall
  • Scuff-plateScuff-plate

Kindly consult with us without hesitation

You may consult with us even if your image in mind being obscure.You may consult with us even if your image in mind being obscure.

We are pleased to suggest the best possible proposals to your business

  • Space, aircraftSpace, aircraft
  • MachineryMachinery
  • AutomobileAutomobile
  • Medical apparatusMedical apparatus
  • Power generationPower generation

From order acceptance to delivery

We are pleased to have your enquiry by way of E-mail, preferably


Correspondence from our sales representative

Our sales representative will get in touch with you about the details of your enquiry in return.
Tell us of your requests in regard with your subject products. *If you would have prepared your detailed information about your subject plan when you make enquiry, it would enormously be useful to give you back our proposal (such information as including drawings, materials, surface finish, quantity, etc.).

Outside processing request

We are in a position to be able to propose you, not only black surface finish treatment alone but also a consistent order acceptance to produce a complete product, capitalizing on our business network built up with our outside partner processers.

Treatment method, terms and conditions to be set

Based upon the contents that we heard, we will select one of the best treatment methods out of our abundant experiences and set conditions.

Trial production

You will confirm your concerns in your mind upon the trial products (including color texture, trace of jigs, and others, if any).

Delivery schedule (notice of the day of delivery)

Give treatments to the actual product to be regularly manufactured.

Inspection, measurement

Experienced inspectors carry out the inspection of subject stainless products.
Inspection of products shall be carried out using variety of testing tools complying with the required quality.

  • Visual inspection
  • Magnifying lens (microscope) inspection
  • Dimension measurement, etc


About customized order products

Kindly confirm the possible dimensions to produce.
*Depending upon the kind of stainless materials, dimension of production may vary.
So, kindly consult with us in advance.

Treatment available dimensionsTreatment available dimensions