Company Introduction

Environment Policy

Environmental Basic Doctrine

21st century has been called as Environment Century.
We, at Abel Co., Ltd. have established our environmental management system based upon the doctrine “to succeed our abundant culture and history brought up by the surrounding clean air, clean water, rich field, to the future” and are determined to carry out our persistent improvement activity.
Yao-city has been positioned in the year 1998, as environmentally desirable image town as being “Yao, the city where people can meet with comfortable environment enriched with plenty of green and worm heart”.
Abel Co., Ltd. respect the Environment Declaration launched by Yao City Government and carry out our business activity in harmony with local society.
The Company shall be liable to reserve the rich nature including Yamato River and to succeed cultural heritage such as plenty of historic remains and ancient mound to the future generations.
We will strive for the development of metal surface treatment technology which shall be environment friendly and to actively preserve the environment.

Action principle

1: The Comply observes the environment related rules and regulations.

We will comply with the environmental requirements demanded by law and ordinance.

2: Prevent pollution by setting the object and target.

We will promote the cost down by means of energy saving, conservation of natural resources, reduction of waste, reduction of chemical inventory, and recycling, and preventive activities of fire prevention, outflow of chemical solvent in an emergency by setting the object and target, and execute periodical review of the targets in order to prevent the pollution occurrence.

3: Make effort to environmental preservation.

Grasp the accurate impact that our Company activity influence on the environment and make effort to act friendly to environment and to provide products and services.

4: The Company improves its activity persistently.

The Company improves its environment management system and activity achievement.

5: Give education and enlightenment to all employees to that effect.

We give education and enlightenment of environment policy and specific expert education if the case requires.

6: Disclose the related information.

All of our concerned policy shall be documented in order to be acknowledged by all Company employees and those who work with us and shall be disclosed to the public.

We, all employee, carry out the above policy and aim to materialize the environment basic ideology.

April, 2019
ABEL Co., Ltd.
Representative Director
Kosuke IAI