Stainless black color materialWhat is stainless-steel black coloring material Abel-black?

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  • What is Abel-black?

It is the coloring method,
capitalizing on the super fine film
with the best use of metal feeling

Usually, the material loses its own feeling when concealed by thick coating and welding.
Abel-black is the only method to produce colors on the stainless surface leaving intrinsic metal feeling.
Abel-black coloring method is to grow up the oxide film by the power of oxidation of electricity and chemical which gives color recognition capitalizing on the light interference.
Abel-black avails to perform better durability and weatherability than the intrinsic metal property, since it has no fear to peel off as being single entity with the base metal material and coloring.

Principle of coloring

Principle of coloringPrinciple of coloring

When metals are processed with coating or plating, base metals are most likely to lose their original beauty, while Abel-black coloring has the salient feature to reform the stainless to the colorful and worm stainless material by means of color surface finishing, maintaining the stainless metal feeling.

  • Mirror surface finishingMirror surface finishing
  • Hair-line finishingHair-line finishing
  • Matt finishingMatt finishing

The difference between chemical coloring and electrolytic coloring.

Chemical coloring brings about variation of colors affected by the base metals.
The electrolytic coloring has been developed in order to avoid the color variation problem and has succeeded to control the color variation by the lot of materials.
Especially, since chemical coloring has been unable to attain thick enough film layer, the method has been unable to produce deep tint of black color.

Comparison of sectionComparison of section

Four salient features of Abel-black


  • Prevention of reflection

    Prevention of reflection

    Abel-black treated surface displays enormous improved effects of the prevention of reflection and absorption rate of the light.

  • Rate of ultraviolet emission
    (Radiant rate)

    Rate of ultraviolet emission
(Radiant rate)

    Abel-black surface treatment is most suitable for elevated temperature equipment because of the emissivity improvement.

Frosted or matt finish

  • Frosted or matt finish
  • Chief illustration : Blast + Abel-black.

    Reflection rate…1%
    Brilliance degree…below 5

    *Above treatment may not be available to some shapes or sheet thickness, so kindly consult with us beforehand.

    Abel-black treatment, after roughening material surface, will provide matt finish surface.


  • Efficiency


    Abel-black, availing to eliminate such coloring process as painting, which leads to the optimization of production process and cost down.


  • Corrosion resistance

    Corrosion resistance

    Abel-black does not display any change not less than 500 hours by the salt water spray test. Abel-black sustains corrosion resistance 30 times as much than pure stainless by salt water ferric test.

  • Thermal resistance

    Thermal resistance

    No change occurs until 300℃ in the atmosphere.
    In a vacuum, more durable to higher temperature.

  • Weatherability


    Abel-black is superior in weatherability, which displays no color change by the Super Xenon Weather Meter weather test during 1000 hours.

  • Chemical resistance

    Chemical resistance

    Abel-black is superior in chemical resistance to the grease removal agent to be used in the press process.


  • Friendly to environment

    Friendly to environment

    Conform to RoHS order.
    Contain no Pb, Hg, Cd, Cf6+.

  • Recyclability


    Abel-black scrap needs not to be separated from stainless, because its film has almost same ingredient as pure stainless.