Stainless black color materialFunctionality of Abel-black

Versatile function is
furnished to Abel-black,
since its film as
being black oxide film.

Superior functionality as material

1 : Cost down
Cost can be reduced, because surface treatment is not separately given to the formed products which eliminates later separate coloring process.
2 : Elimination of surface treatment process
After forming the product, Abel-black needs not to be given additional surface treatment process in house or in outsourcing partner, so that this process can be eliminated from the entire process.
3 : Retains processing accuracy
Accuracy achieved by the specific press forming technology can be retained since the film is being super thin.
4 : No fear of deformation
Deformation risk in transportation stage becomes low.
  • PunchingSequential transfer press

    Punching Sequential transfer press

    Shearing, metal sheet, press.
    Film does not peel off.
    It keeps identical processability of pure stainless.
    It requires no additional painting work in the following process, bears no damage during sequence transfer and is superior in abrasion resistance.

  • PressureComposite forming
    and insert forming

    Pressure Composite forming and insert forming

    Abel-black can manufacture such composite parts as is unable to give surface treatment after completion of shaping.
    Abel-black is applicable to such engineering area as prevention of senser stray light, and of reflection. The film does not peel of, nor broken when bent 90 degree, or acute angle.

  • WringingRoll forming

    Wringing Roll forming

    Abel-black is superior in integrated forming with door mall roof resign of automobiles.
    As to construction material, it has achievement of application as luxurious baseboard.

  • RollingRoll to roll

    Rolling Roll to roll

    Since being tough enough, coloring film is safe against extreme bending and rolling.
    For example, laser etching processing and hoop plating can add conductivity and wettability to them.

Preventive ability to light reflex

Abel-black creates black film on the stainless surface by growing the passivated film which is intrinsic property of stainless and identical ingredient to oxide film by means of the effect of electricity and the oxidation power of pharmaceuticals.
Black color weakens reflected lights and decrease the reflectivity of lights, since black absorbs all lights of wavelength.
Consequently, the Abel-black treated stainless displays a supreme effect of reflection of light.
Also, Abel-black transforms into the device that avails to display high quality picture, because it creates the film uniformly which achieves the high efficiency preventive effect of light reflection.
Also, Abel-black can produce the surface of low reflection in response to customer demands by means of adopting additional process to roughening the base metal.
As availability of treatment may depend on the process methods and shapes, kindly consult with us in advance.

Principle of light reflection of Abel-black

In case being interactive weakening leads to decrease of reflectanceIn case being interactive weakening leads to decrease of reflectance

  • Reflectivity data of Abel-black : SUS304 + Abel-black aloneReflectivity data of Abel-black : SUS304 + Abel-black alone

  • Reflectivity data of Abel-black : Electricity roughened SUS304 + Abel-blackReflectivity data of Abel-black : Electricity roughened SUS304 + Abel-black

  • Reflectivity data of Abel-black : Physically roughened SUS304 + Abel-blackReflectivity data of Abel-black : Physically roughened SUS304 + Abel-black

  • Reflectivity data of Abel-black : Chemically roughened SUS304 + Abel-blackReflectivity data of Abel-black : Chemically roughened SUS304 + Abel-black

Principle of shadingPrinciple of shading

Merit of stainless shade to
light reflection preventive product

Black coloring to edge face

Shielding plate situated near the lens unit should restrain surface reflection as well as edge face which allows light pass through.
Abel-black can give coloring on the edge face. It is also effective to ghost countermeasure.
Frosted finishing is available at optional request.

Comparison with resin

No contraction by the temperature changes as having strong heat resistance.(Applicable to automobile mounted camera and camera module).
No transmission of light even with super thin material.

No peeling off, different from plating and welding finish

Black oxide film has been created by growing stainless passivity film, so that is superior in adhesiveness and has no fear of peeling off.
No garbage brings about, since the process is not painting of different metals.
Being superior in environmental aspect (RoHS, REACH regulations).

Gives no negative affect to the module accuracy because of being thin film

Film thickness of Abel-black is 0.5μm and below and is available to equally create the film in detail, so that it is most applicable to the parts that demand accurate module such as small size optical parts.

Comparison of film thickness with other surface treatment.
 *By reference information
Kind Basic film thickness (μm)
Hard chromium plating 10〜
Black Ni plating About10
Non-electrolytic Ni 5〜10
Hard anodized aluminum (black) 40〜61
Black anodized aluminum 15〜3
Abel-black 1 and below

Improvement of emissivity (radiation)

As Abel-black has been black color, that is why it is said to be superior in function.
For example, Abel-black is understood to be more efficient in emissivity (in other word radiation which shows the coming out degree of the heat from the surface once absorbed) than stainless material.
Since it is superior in thermal conduction, providing the treatments to vacuum dry equipment and cooling apparatus, Abel-black becomes useful as high functional material which displays heat absorption and thermal radiation.

Comparison of Emissivity

Names of material Emissivity
Untreated stainless 0.15
Abel-black 0.42

Measured temperature : Room temperature (20.5℃)
Measured wavelength : 2~22μm
Measuring equipment : Emissivity tester TSS-5X

Improvement of corrosion resistance and weather resistance

After treatment given, corrosion resistance shows several ten times as much than raw material

Abel-black, being thick oxide film as compared with conventional methods, demonstrates remarkable corrosion resistance.
For instance, Abel-black treated SUS304 has achieved superb result than SUS316 raw material obtained by the ferric chloride corrosion test (JIS G0578 stainless steel ferric chloride corrosion test method).
Also, as for Abel-black treated SUS430, though little less than SUS316 raw material, demonstrates enormous improvement corrosion resistance.
Consequently, it transforms into material with superb durability.

Weather resistance
(1) The result of film component and corrosion test.


The result of Auger Electron Separation (AES)
The result of Auger Electron Separation (AES)
The result of Auger Electron Separation (AES) [Gold] The result of Auger Electron Separation (AES) [Abel-black]
Ferric Chloride Corrosion Test (JISG 0578)-1 Ferric Chloride Corrosion Test (JISG 0578)-2
Ferric Chloride Corrosion Test (JISG 0578)-1 Ferric Chloride Corrosion Test (JISG 0578)-2
(2) The result of other Corrosion Resistance Tests
Test items Time Results
Saltwater Spray Test 500 hours No rust
Cas Test 500 hours No rust
Slight stain at bending portion
Acid Immersion Test
(10% nitric acid)
50 hours at normal temperature No change
Acid Immersion Test
(10% sulfuric acid)
50 hours at normal temperature Slight color change
Acid Immersion Test
(10% hydrochloric acid)
50 hours at normal temperature Color change
Alkali Immersion Test
(10% sodium hydroxide)
50 hours at normal temperature No change
(3) Weather resistance
Weather Resistance Test Time Result
Super Xenon Weather Meter 1000 hours No fading
Due Panel Weather Meter 3000 hours No fading
Sunshine Weather Meter 4000 hours No fading

Consideration towards people and environment
<Measurements complying with RoHS regulations >

Specimen Pb

*ND means not detected

Treatment available size

Maximum module: 1219H x 4000L x 300W
*Treatment availability depends upon the shapes you need, so kindly consult with us in advance.

Treatment available sizeTreatment available size