• JAPAN BLACK IS BEAUTIFUL:Black stainless steel :Abel Black
  • BLACK CREATING THE FUTURE:Black stainless steel :Abel Black
  • BLACK CREATING THE FUTURE:Black stainless steel :Abel Black
  • BLACK CREATING THE FUTURE:Black stainless steel :Abel Black
  • Abel Black

Black stainless steel material

Stainless steel loses metallic texture by painting or plating.
Coloring method of Abel Black is the only one technology to color the stainless steel material leaving metallic texture.
The coloring method, is done by using electricity and chemicals to grow the oxide film lager causing interference of light to make the surface look black. Since it is integrated with the base metal, no need to worry about peeling off.
It can be higher durability and weather resistance than original metal performance.

What is Abel-black?

Rigid and beautiful black

As the functional material, being rich in the designability and durability

  • Mirror surface finish of Abel-black
  • Elevator door:Abel-black
  • Showcase:Abel-black
  • Store entrance:Abel-black
  • Elevator basket:Abel-black
  • Speaker grill:Abel-black
  • Roof mall:Abel-black
  • Window mall:Abel-black
  • Kitchen front decorative panel:Abel-black
  • Black colored stainless steel:Abel-black


Black with skills

As the functional material to be used in the various industrial fields,
capitalizing on the chemical characteristics.

ーFunctional exampleー

  • Pressed

    Press parts

    Waste material can be recycled as scrap.

  • Camera
    aperture blades

    Camera diaphragm blade

    It forms non-peeling powerful black film, together with shading property and absorbing ability.

  • Liquid crystal peripheral parts

    LCD peripheral components

    Powerful film enhances the value of the product, exhibiting the beautiful appearance of the metal feeling.

  • Mechanical parts for automobile sensors

    Car objective sensor

    Available for stray light prevention and anti-reflection for sensors.

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