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A small luxury hotel located just a minute walk from the
subway station Nijojo-mae, south of Nijo Castle.
The water basin in the courtyard can be seen from the lobby of
“Kyoto Yuraku Hotel Nijo Castle Villa M Gallery”.
Abel Black was used for the water basin in the courtyard seen
from the lobby of the hotel.

Hotel Nijo Castle Villa


Abel Black on the basin of the courtyard

This hotel was designed by world-renowned designer
These programs are designed by international designer Yukio Hashimoto .
The lobby and all guest rooms face the Japanese garden,
which offers a view of the four seasons.

These days, the laboratories are not always easy to find.
In the courtyard, the mirror-like black stainless steel creates
a beautiful space that makes
the maple tree in the center look like it is floating.

Please take a look at it when you visit the neighborhood.